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Full Comparison Chart

With 14 grams of fiber per serving, Fiber One® Original Cereal is a great start towards meeting the Daily Value of 25 grams of fiber per day. See how much fiber these other favorite foods offer.

Food SourceServing Size Fiber (g)
Fiber One® cereal½ Cup14
Lentils, Cooked½ Cup7.8
Pinto Beans, Cooked½ Cup7.7
Garbanzo Beans, Canned½ Cup6.3
Soup, Lentil (Canned)1 Cup5.6
Blackeyed Peas, Cooked½ Cup5.5
Baked Beans, Canned½ Cup5.2
Pear, Fresh1 Medium5.1
Baked Potato w/Skin1 Medium4.4
Green Peas, Cooked½ Cup4.4
Raspberries, Fresh½ Cup4
Stewed Prunes½ Cup3.9
Blackberries, Fresh½ Cup3.8
Raisin Bran Cereal½ Cup3.7
Spinach, Cooked½ Cup3.5
Apple, Fresh1 Medium3.3
Strawberries, Fresh1 Cup3.3
Brussel Sprouts, Cooked½ Cup3.2
Navel Orange, Fresh1 Medium3.1
Barley, Cooked½ Cup3
Winter Squash, Cooked½ Cup2.9
Soup, Split Pea (Canned)1 Cup2.8
Raisins, Seedless½ Cup2.7
Sweet Potatoes, Canned½ Cup2.3
Grapefruit, FreshHalf2
Oatmeal, Cooked½ Cup2
Bread, Whole Wheat1 Slice1.9
Blueberries, Fresh½ Cup1.8
Long Grain Brown Rice½ Cup1.8
Bread, Mixed Grains1 Slice1.7
Dates3 Dates1.7
Carrots, Raw½ Cup1.6
Cauliflower, Raw½ Cup1.3
Mixed Nuts, Dry Roasted0.5 oz1.3
Prune Juice½ Cup1.3
Broccoli, Raw½ Cup1.2
Popcorn 1 Cup1.2
Cabbage, Raw½ Cup0.8
Grapes, Red or Green, Fresh½ Cup0.7
Lettuce, Crisp Iceberg 1 Cup0.7

Source: USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 17