Chocolate Chip Smores Bar

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5 Minutes Prep
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1 Serving

The new and improved spin on a classic smores bar. Warm roasted marshmallows melt together with bits of chocolate nestled in between two satisfying chocolate chip brownie bars. Fiber One Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies bring this classic combination over the top.

Ingredient List

  • Check mark icon 2 Fiber One Chocolate Chip Brownies
  • Check mark icon 2 roasted or warmed marshmallows
  • Check mark icon 2 bits of chocolate


  1. Unwrap two Fiber One Chocolate Chip Brownies
  2. Set warm roasted marshmallows on bottom brownie
  3. Layer chocolate in
  4. Set second bar on top


  • *If a delightful bonfire is not available, warm all ingredients together as directed above in microwave.